Category: Venues [Music Venues] (16)
Ace's Basement (Greensboro, NC) Referrals: 979
Ally Katz (Richmond, VA) Referrals: 932
The Berkeley Cafe (Raleigh, NC) Referrals: 903
The Brewery (Raleigh, NC) Referrals: 968
Cat's Cradle (Carrboro, NC) Referrals: 913
Greene Street Club (Greensboro, NC) Referrals: 1355
Kings (Raleigh, NC) Referrals: 912
Lincoln Theatre (Raleigh, NC) Referrals: 803
Local 506 (Chapel Hill, NC) Referrals: 1302
Martin Street Music Hall (Raleigh, NC) Referrals: 875
The Norva (Norfolk, Va) Referrals: 1054
The Orange Peel (Asheville, NC) Referrals: 1251
Soap Box (Wilmington, NC) Referrals: 823
Sky Light Exchange (Chapel Hill, NC) Referrals: 850
Tremont Music Hall (Charlotte, NC) Referrals: 829
Ziggys (Winston-Salem, NC) Referrals: 821
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Category: Bands [Band Links] (37)
Advent (Hardcore) Referrals: 980
After Letting Go (Post Hardcore) Referrals: 779
Alli With an I (Pop Punk; Law of Inertia) Referrals: 807
And The Award Goes To (Indie Rock; Forsaken Records) Referrals: 752
Annuals (Indie) Referrals: 712
Ashwin (Pop Rock/Powerpop) Referrals: 1015
Beloved (Hardcore; Tooth and Nail/Solid State) Referrals: 813
Between the Buried and me (Hardcore/Metalcore; Victory Records) Referrals: 1254
Bloodjinn (Metal) Referrals: 769
Boxbomb (Rock/Grunge) Referrals: 741
Classic Case (Rock) Referrals: 819
Codeseven (Rock; Equal Vision) Referrals: 810
Defending Brooklyn (Post Hardcore/Experimental) Referrals: 745
DMW Acoustics (Acoustic) Referrals: 757
Far-Less (Rock; Tooth and Nail) Referrals: 838
Farewell (Rock; Forsaken Records) Referrals: 760
Firenze (Progressive/Post Hardcore) Referrals: 739
Giles (Electronica/House/Experimental; Victory Records) Referrals: 1193
Glass Casket (Hardcore/Metalcore; Abacus Recordings) Referrals: 1024
He is Legend (Rock; Tooth and Nail) Referrals: 835
Hopesfall (Post Hardcore; TrustKill Records) Referrals: 950
House of Fools (Rock) Referrals: 1309
Idea Of Beauty (Hardcore; Venge Records) Referrals: 781
Mark the Machine (Hardcore/Metalcore) Referrals: 756
My Hero is Me (Hardcore) Referrals: 916
Punos (Rock) Referrals: 946
Scarlet Undercover (Rock/Indie/Southern Rock) Referrals: 811
Secret Lives Of The Freemasons (Post Hardcore/Screamo/Rock; Astro Magnetics) Referrals: 1391
Sedona (Indie) Referrals: 1005
Seneca (Hardcore) Referrals: 1118
Sullivan (Indie Rock / Emo; Tooth and Nail) Referrals: 937
Swift (Rock; Tribunal Records) Referrals: 759
The Cardinal Effect (Hard Rock; Tribunal Records) Referrals: 785
The Mile After (Pop Rock/Powerpop) Referrals: 899
The Necessary (Rock; Forsaken Records) Referrals: 935
Youth Eletronics (Indie Rock) Referrals: 936
Zeps (HipHop/Rap) Referrals: 908
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Category: Zines [Publications] (7)
AbsolutePunk.Net Referrals: 1198
BreakingCustom Referrals: 946
BuddyHead Referrals: 1072
DecoyMusic Referrals: 1002
Knife Party Referrals: 1444
NeedForReed Referrals: 1077
The PRP Referrals: 1157
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Category: Local Scene / Friends / Promotion [Our Buds] (21)
AQUAmediadesign (Design) Referrals: 742
Bifocal Media (Label) Referrals: 1220
Breaking Boundaries (NC Forum) Referrals: 867
CarolinaBMX (Music and BMX Site) Referrals: 973
Champlin Hall (Record Label/Media) Referrals: 711
Forsaken Recordings (Record Label) Referrals: 765
Further Falling NC (Booking and Promotions) Referrals: 755
IndieRockMedia (Design) Referrals: 909
Laurie Shipley (Design) Referrals: 796
MediaRiteDesign (Design) Referrals: 875
MIS-ONE (NC Forum/Community) Referrals: 844
NC (Local Show Dates) Referrals: 1214
NC Music LiveJournal Community (NC Forum/Community) Referrals: 954
PrototypeStudios (Design) Referrals: 824
PrototypeClothing (Clothing Line) Referrals: 1081
PrototypeHosting (Hosting Service) Referrals: 732
The Rescue Agency (Booking and Promotions) Referrals: 754
Traditiona Clothing (Clothing Line) Referrals: 772
Tribunal Records (Record Label) Referrals: 752
United Force Promotion (Booking/Promotion/Design) Referrals: 743
VeeVee Clothing (Clothing Line) Referrals: 1007
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Category: Photographers / Videographers / Other Artists [Some Pals] (15)
Brian Cary Referrals: 1046
Corie Referrals: 983
Dan Dobi Referrals: 1020
David Apuzzo Referrals: 1186
Erik Smith Referrals: 1138
Josh Bradley Referrals: 937
Justin Holt Referrals: 1171
Kyle Golder Referrals: 954
Mickey McCranor Referrals: 1102
Mikey Lythcott Referrals: 866
Rob Dobi Referrals: 919
Tim Harmon Referrals: 1025
Tim Quirino Referrals: 795
Zack Arias Referrals: 908
Wes Richardson Referrals: 817
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